Thursday, February 10, 2011



Nothing much 2 discribe bout me here...
:: As all of u noe this is like a new diary for stories from me . .
i'll make sure that all of my stories happy2 belaka okeyy . :D

i'm sure that most of u noe who i am .
::My name is Shikin Wahab , jz a simple girl n love 2 be nice wif sumer org !

p/s : abaikan seme bnd2 yg ade sblh 2 sb yg pentingnye pic i okeyy ! :P

shikin wahab mmg love WIERD things for herslf .
tgok kuku pon da tau kn ?? (sweetzz larrr)
but my ibu doesnt like it at all .

Maybe smp cni je la text i 4 2day . .
papai. . .
mmmuuahhhhhhh . . <3

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